1 | Is the Home Warranty transferable to another owner and what is the transfer process?

Yes, any remaining warranty coverage automatically transfers to the new owner; notification of a change of ownership is not mandatory but is welcome. Please contact Saskatchewan Home Warranty to advise of the change.

2 | What basic home maintenance requirements must I perform to maintain my Home Warranty?

The obligation to complete basic and routine home maintenance is solely the Homeowner’s responsibility.  Recommended homeowner maintenance can be found in the Care & Maintenance Guide:

Failure to perform maintenance could result in damages that may not be covered under the Limited Home Warranty Certificate or Limited Home Renovation Warranty Certificate.

For further information refer to the Saskatchewan Home Warranty Care & Maintenance Guide and the Guide to Understanding and Maintaining Appropriate Lot Drainage.

3 | In the event of a dispute with my Builder will the Program hire another contractor to look after the issues with my home?

No, not normally, and in all circumstances your Builder would have the ability to resolve the issue first; The Program would only consider hiring another contractor in extreme circumstances but not before having gone through the “Conciliation” process.

4 | What is a Conciliation?

Conciliation is a process where the Program contracts an independent 3rd party professional skilled in new home construction, building code interpretation, building science, specific building disciplines and mediation to investigate the dispute and provide a binding decision, which includes a description of the corrective action. The conciliator’s decision is final and deemed to be binding upon the Builder and the Homeowner.

5 | Are Builder supplied home appliances covered under the warranty?

There is no Builder’s warranty on appliances, but the appliance manufacturer will provide a warranty, also refer to “Exclusions” on the backside of your “Limited Home Warranty Certificate” or “Limited Home Renovation Warranty Certificate”.

6 | Is water penetration into the basement covered under the warranty?

Water infiltration through the building envelope including the basement walls or floor slab is covered under the warranty for either 2 or 5 years depending on the terms of your warranty coverage; water infiltration due to soil subsidence or changes to the surface (site) drainage by the homeowner, adjacent developments or their owners is not covered by the warranty.

7 | Why is my sump pump running so often and should I be concerned?

The sump pit & pump along with the power supply and associated piping has been installed to mitigate the risk of water-related damage and infiltration through the basement floor slab or foundation walls. It is possible that the water being pumped out is seeping back down against the foundation wall and is simply being recirculated. To avoid this, ensure there is adequate surface grade to direct water away from the foundation.

It is also possible that the groundwater table is elevated, a natural occurrence, and is being managed appropriately by the sump system.

8 | Why is there a build-up of condensation on my windows, especially during colder weather?

Condensation on the interior surface of windows is not normally the result of window failure or poor installation but is more likely the result of higher than recommended relative humidity levels within the home. You can control condensation by reducing the amount of humidity inside your home when the outside temperature drops and the window surfaces become cooler. Running your HRV and exhaust fans for longer periods of time, ensuring good air circulation by not blocking hot air registers, running your furnace fan continuously during periods of extreme cold, and opening blinds/ heavy curtains will assist in reducing condensation.

9 | The steel column under the main beam is loose, should I make adjustments?

Yes, tele-post adjustments whether to lift or lower the beam is the responsibility of the Homeowner; ground conditions including settlement and soil expansion as well as the drying and shrinkage of building components can necessitate the need for periodic adjustment of the columns. These conditions are not covered under the warranty however are a Homeowner maintenance requirement.

10 | I have a few nail pops on my walls, will the Builder repair these and repaint the walls?

Your Builder would only be obligated to attend to the nail pops and cracks associated with the drying and shrinkage of building materials once during the 1-year warranty period. This repair would include making the repaired area paint ready by filling and sanding but would not include repainting or redecorating.

*Note, the following information is only a summary of the most commonly asked questions and is not by any means a full disclosure of the warranty coverage or policy guidelines. As a Homeowner, you should always refer to your “Limited Home Warranty Certificate” or “Limited Home Renovation Warranty Certificate”








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